Born 1987, Miami, USA

“ Improvisation is the art of flexing confidence in a situation with zero preparation . I’ve lived in Atlanta, Houston, Boston, NYC, and now LA, and the way I play violin and paint reflects that — I’ve always had to pack light so I became efficient, using less to say more . I consider my work meditations . Each composition is a prayer that allows me to practice seeking eternal balance in my work and remain energetically in tune with an astronomically divine source . “




stripped down jazz & world music. uses pizzicato to improvise songs before they become compositions. talks shit like poetry

sometimes paintings are meditations, other times they’re brain games . bright colors are important but so is black and white . exploring mastering addictive impulses and subconsciously letting loose and enjoying being childlike, the paintings are visual music . photography and digital collages are an outlet. currently painting some wonderful works for exhibit 2019.